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DocRx is a program that allows Doctors to dispense pre-packaged medication at the point of care. Through Cash Pay Deductibles, Insurance Adjudication, Pain and Injury and Workmen's Compensation, DocRx allows practices to increase profitability across each physician within the practice. It allows Doctors to enjoy a new source of income while offsetting cutbacks in managed care and allows Patients to enjoy the comfort of having their medications filled by the doctor and the ability for convenience.
DocRx also allows practices to enjoy repackager independence. DocRx is intergrated with multiple repackagers and allows you to dispense medication from different repackagers at the same time. This independence reduces cost and expenses.


Web Based Application - DocRx is a web based application so you will only need a browser and Internet connection. For security, all access is through and HTTPS-enabled site, and you have the ability to limit the locations from which someone can login to the system. The application has multi-site architecture so that managers and doctors can operate from more than one location.


HCFA 1500 Claim Forms - DocRx's software automatically generates HCFA 1500 forms for pharmacy claims.


EMR Integration - DocRx's software supports HL7 interface so your practice's EMR system can communicate patient and prescription information directly without having to re-enter information for dispensing


Controlled Substance Reporting - DocRx's software generates controlled substance reporting as required by certain states. You can submit the reporting yourself or contact us about submitting the reporting for you


Drug Utilization Reviews - DocRx's software checks for drug-drug, drug-illness and drug-condition contraindications. It will also warn if dispensing too soon and perform a number of other checks during the dispensing process


Medication Sample Tracking - DocRx's software dispenses and tracks medication samples handed out by physicians. Monitor low levels on samples and make sure no one in the office is taking samples for their personal use. Track lot numbers on samples in the event of a recall.


Inventory Tracking - DocRx's software has the ability to scan products with bar codes into the inventory. This allows products to be sold and tracked outside of medications such as knee braces, crutches, and any other medical items.


Profits - DocRx has a very robust billing program that allows practices to focus on treating patients and dispensing medications. DocRx has the ability to adjudicate claims for both insurance and work comp. DocRx's Pain and Injury program is an industry leader. Through DocRx's knowledge of each states reimbursement plans, we are able to maximize your profits. Our staff will follow a claim to the end to ensure your profits are matched with each dispense. Contact us and let us show you how we can maximize your profits.

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